Hydraulic Workshop Presses
Hydraulic Workshop Presses
Metal, plastic and wood industry press is a workshop that can be used. This type is usually presses, bending, bending, straightening used in workshops for the purpose of extracting and splitting. The machine is also suitable in tire mechanics. Made as large tonnage used for testing purposes. Press the power saving is suitable for every business need. Particularly energy-saving pump and electric motor fitted so that the desired tonnage provided all kinds of harm to human health hazard sound and noise is minimized. Such presses are made as a standard single displacement. Double displacement can also be produced upon request.

General Features

  • Hydraulik: Diplomat . Dexter, Parker or Rexroth
  • Double effecting and induction hardened hardchrome cylinder.
  • Safety valve protects against overloads.
  • Heavy duty steel structure.
  • Adjustable table height.
  • CE - suitable - Production