Hydraulic workshop press with Mesh guarding
WSP340 - 20112
Hydraulic workshop press with Mesh guarding

The electro hydraulic high-duty press is a solid construction from high-grade steel. In the press head is installed the hydraulic cylinder, which is adjustable high and down. The hydraulic gear and valves with control members is installed beside the press. The hydraulic aggregate consists of a quality pump and a relief valve. With hand valve the pressing power can be adjusted manually steplessly.

General Features

  • Hydraulik: Diplomat,Dexter,Parker or Rexroth
  • Double effecting and induction hardened hardchrome cylinder.
  • Safety valve protects against overloads.
  • Heavy duty steel structure.
  • Adjustable table height.
  • Pressure regulator to control the amount of pressure.
  • CE-Standard Production

The press is suitable for

  • the employment in production factories, training workshops, crafts enterprises, repair and
  • assembly works
  • pressing and squeezing work
  • presses of camps, sockets and pins
  • arranging carriers, axles, profiles and waves
  • setting-up of tools.