Double column-Deep Drawing and Tryoutpress
HETP800 - 20122
Double column-Deep Drawing and Tryoutpress

    It is designed according to your production purposes and your tools. It is manufactured standard with the pressure capacity from 150 to 1600 Metric tons. It is constructed as a closed frame press. With a sophisticated control system it is possible to precisely control the pressing force and position during operation. It is possible to work position or pressure dependent.

      User friendly

      • Service friendly design, low maintenance costs by using only high quality components and tools
      • Sturdy construction and proven design which is a guaranty for a long life-span
      • Advanced control system with PLC
      • Computer optimised vertical frame structure with high rigidity Adjustable stroke and pressure in the specified scope.
      • Pressure pre-release unit equipped in hydraulic system minimum hydraulic shock.

      Working system:

      when it is free, it is fast, when it is loaded, it is slowing down for both cylinders.
      PLC: Siemens S7, touch screen, 50 different programs memory,
      automatic mode, manual mode
      Pressures: The pressure for Pot-Cylinders is also adjustable. You can regulate the desired pressure.
      Cylinder operations: Pressing distance is also programmable: Start position y1 and Stop position y2,
      light guards,
      Photo cell kits (protection screen) are assembled on the backside and front side of press
      Cylinder Speed: The speed for slider cylinders is adjustable