4-column Laboratory and Test Press
HBP250 - 20126
4-column Laboratory and Test Press

The press is designed according to your production purposes. It is manufactured standard with the pressure capacity from 10 to 300 Metric tons.

It is constructed as a close frame press, the main cylinders are located in the upper part. The pressing table is located in the lower part. The upper tools are mounted on the main cylinder and the lower tools are mounted on the pressing table.

Used for:
We offer a wide variety of single and multiple daylight presses for the plastic industry including:

  • Rubber compression moulding presses
  • Conveyor belt presses for fabric and steel cord lines
  • Tread presses for the retread industry
  • O-ring presses with integrated vacuum systems
  • Track presses for snowmobile, military and industrial applications
  • Rubber pad and mat presses, V-belt presses, Custom vulcanisation presses
  • With a sophisticated control system it is possible to precisely control the pressing force and position during operation. It is possible to work position or pressure dependent
  • It can be operated by relay or "PLC" of hand or semi-automatic operating