We manufacture; Workshop Presses, Single column presses, Double-sided presses, 4-column presses, Sheet metal forming press, shipbuilding presses and various hydraulic presses In this way we want “Prestek Machine & Export" to introduce ourselves with our new name.
Our presses have been sold through a Germany company in Europe. The former cooperation agreement was revoked at our request. After termination of the contract, we have built up our know-how, by investing in our products can be done with success and thereby expanded the marketing at home and abroad.
This action allowed us in the last 5 years to establish the name Prestek in many parts of Europe and to obtain new and satisfied customers. For the past 5 years, we sell our own brand both at home and abroad. Our goal is customer satisfaction, which we can ensure high quality standards in the manufacture of our products. From the foreign market required quality standards and value for money we have already repeatedly ask successfully demonstrated.
Due to the special production and short delivery routes, being able to offer high quality products at very good terms. As part of many market analyzes was able to hold Prestek again. De name Prestek stands not only for quality but also for innovation
Due to increased inquiries from Europe and Asia, with respect to a cooperative in the production of machinery, we are reviewing and revising these projects. Through this cooperation Prestek is expanding its product portfolio in the position in different segments to be profitable for the customer. For new ideas and partnerships with regard to hydraulic presses, we are always open and with our name.