Presstek has positioned itself as a leading manufacturer of hydraulic presses in Europe. By producing future-oriented products of high quality also for the internal market, we have expanded our service. Since our foundation we have not only strived to supply our customers with quality products but have also supported our customers in decision making.

In 2005 Presstek began exporting hydraulic presses to Europe, continuing this for another two years. As of May 2007 we started producing presses on ourselves for the first time and exported them under the name of Press-Tek mainly to Europe. Until now Presstek has already manufactured over 300 different kinds of hydraulic presses for the European market.

At Presstek, we make deep drawing presses between 30 and 1000 tons, drawing presses, design presses, production presses for the automobile and appliance industry, printing presses, sheet metal forming presses, hydraulic bending presses, paper and cardboard presses, plastic presses, compression presses, ironing presses as well as many more specific presses. Therefore first our technical staff draws up the plans for the presses on the computer. After conducting a product analysis according to the CE standards, production begins.

Our Mission
We consider it our mission to supply both the world market and the Turkish industry with our products by cooperating with the world’s leading companies. Moreover we want to make a contribution to the development of the manufacturing industry.

Our Vision
At Presstek our vision is straightforward – to supply the manufacturing industry with the products demanded and to continue strengthening our position in market.

Team Work
Instead of settling for the limited success of an individual, we prefer tying those efforts in order to achieve larger goals. We consider this to be our aim and not a means to an end.

Basic Value
Customer satisfaction is our uppermost aim.